Alexa Patton George

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Alexa Patton George
Born Alexa Patton George
February 21, 1987
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Nationality American
Occupation Medium and Energy Healer
Certified by The Open Center

Alexa Patton George is a certified reike practitioner and practicing medium. She currently lives in New York City.

Family Background and Early Life

Alexa was born on February 21st, 1987 to Coronel Michael and Leanne George. Alexa has one older brother, Adam, who is currently serving the US military in Afghanistan.

Early Years 1987 - 1999

From the time Alexa was born at approximately 8:02pm on February 21st, 1987 at her parent's home in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, to her 18th birthday, she lived in 7 different houses. Moving frequently is typical for military families such as the Georges but whereas her older brother Adam always attended the nearest public school, Alexa was home schooled, a decision made by her mother, Leanne.

From 1987 - 1999, the George family lived on army bases in Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey.

New Years Eve 1999

On December 31st, 1999, Alexa had what she describes as her "first calling". That night she ran a high fever and went to bed early while her parents watched the Y2K coverage on the television. She woke up some hours later to find herself standing outside in the snow in the shirt she had gone to bed in but without any shoes or coat. She claims she looked up and saw a purple fog descending from the sky and then felt a fierce pain in the center of her forehead. She then witnessed the clouds parting to reveal a full moon and heard a voice she describes as coming "from within" speaking in a language she could not understand. The next thing she remembers is waking once again, this time back in her bed, shivering and sweating. She supposed the experience must have been a fever dream until the next morning when she found the words "gorsedd" and "nwyfre" written in permanent marker on the refrigerator door. Her father and mother of course blamed her for the act though she denied any recollection of the writing. Upon further investigation she found that according to The Order of The Bards, Ovates and Druids, "gorsedd" literally means "high seat" and is used to describe an assembly of druids. "Nwyfre" is the druid term for "life force."[1]

2000 - 2003

After the December 31st event, Alexa became consumed with learning more about Druidism, pagan mythology, astrology and ancient medicine. Continuing with her homeschooling, she spent most of her time researching Druid and pagan teachings. She also dove into uncovering her family's Welsh heritage and traced her lineage back to Glastonbury.

In 2003, Leanne and Michael ended Alexa's homeschooling. Concerned by her newfound passion with what they determined as "witchcraft" and Alexa's departure from the family's traditional Catholic values, they sent her to a cheerleading camp that summer and then placed her in Jackson Memorial Highschool.

Celeste Owens Scandal

In 2004 when Alexa was a junior at Jackson High, a case regarding an alleged affair with faculty member Celeste Owens (environmental science teacher) was brought to the school board. Celeste was accused by fellow faculty members and several parents in the school community of having a sexual relationship with Alexa. Both parties denied having anything more than a strong bond as teacher and student. Since no hard evidence could be provided as proof, the board dismissed the case but recommended the termination of Celeste's contract and Alexa's suspension from the school for a full year for "inappropriate interactions between a student and teacher outside of the classroom." Celeste chose to leave her position on the condition that Alexa was not suspended. Rumors of her homosexuality infiltrated the community, however, affirming her position as an "outsider". The george family had a restraining order placed against Celeste to prevent the two from interacting again. Following the scandal, Alexa took a vow of silence that she kept for the next year and a half.

Alexa graduated from Jackson Memorial Highschool in 2005.

Sedona Retreat and Spiritual Development

Upon graduating from highschool, Alexa was admitted to SUNY Purchase college in New York. She chose to defer, however, and instead fled west with her brother Adam, who was on probation from the military at the time for substance abuse. With the goal of ending their journey at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, they roadtripped cross-country in Adam's pick-up truck. Making use of campsites and the truck bed for sleeping, they also visited as many of Adam's military friends. Still under a vow of silence, Alexa began writing letters to anyone who showed them hospitality in order to express her thanks.

The two ended up in Sedona, Arizona where the Harmonic Convergence occurred in 1987,[2] and where several Spiritual Vortices are present. Eager to experience peyote, Adam took Alexa to a Native American sweat lodge to participate in a traditional Yavapai spiritual ceremony.

Under the heavy influence of Peyote and most likely suffering from extreme dehydration, Adam George became unconscious. Although in a hallucinatory state herself, Alexa recalls suddenly becoming sober, "like crashing down to earth" and experiencing an intense clarity in which she realized that her brother was in danger and that something must be done to help him. She dragged Adam out of the sweat lodge and tried to administer CPR. When she failed to resuscitate him, she called for help from the others inside the lodge. One of the female elders who was aware enough to understand what was happening came to her aid and placed Alexa's hands on Adam's chest and proceeded to chant what Alexa later discovered was an ancient healing prayer, asking a spirit who has left a physical body but has not yet crossed into the next world to return to the physical being on Earth. Adam returned to consciousness a few moments later.

Although science might explain the phenomenon simply as Adam being able to recover from his hyperthermia enough to regain consciousness once he was removed from the sweat lodge, Alexa believes she witnessed the power of energy healing and spiritual arts. She decided to stay on the reservation in Sedona and study spiritual and healing arts.

New York

After spending approximately a year in Arizona, Alexa learned that Adam had entered into rehab for heroine use. Wanting to be closer to him meant returning to the East Coast. Having been estranged from her parents, however, and with no money of her own, she decided to follow through on her offer from SUNY Purchase. She failed to find a community at the school, however, and was uninterested in pursuing any of the majors the school had to offer. She spent most of her time working in the school library and making extra money by offering $10 massages to students. After three semesters she left the school and moved to New York City where she began working at The Open Center and apprenticing in reike, herbalism and esoteric meditation practices. She obtained her reike certification in 2009.

She currently lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.


Jackson Memorial Highschool Class of 2005

SUNY Purchase College - Attended for 3 semesters. No certificate obtained.

The Open Center - Certified Reike Practitioner


Alexa is a certified Reiki practitioner and massage therapist. She also works at the New York Interfaith Society bookstore.

Personal Life

Alexa is openly gay.

She has not resumed contact with her parents.

She remains very close to her brother, Adam. Adam went in and out of rehab from 2007 - 2009. He was then re-admitted into the military in 2010. Some controversy surrounds this subject because many believe that it was the influence of Colonel George that Adam was reinstated despite his personal record. He is currently serving in Afghanistan. Alexa believes the tour was also due to her father's influence. She suspects Colonel George wished to keep the siblings separated.