Dan Martin

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Dan Martin
Born Dan Eric Martin
July 23, 1986
Braintree, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Occupation Senior Sales Consultant
Northeast Region
Searchlight Technologies
Years Active 2006-2011
Signature DMSignature.png


Daniel Eric Martin (/mɑrtɪn/ born July 23, 1986) is an American senior technology sales consultant for Searchlight Technologies, the youngest person in the company to hold such a position.

Family Background and Early Life

Dan Martin was born July 23rd, 1986, to John David Martin and Helen Gaelra, in Braintree, Massachusetts.

John David Martin (LCDR, Ret.) served on the USS Salem until it was decommissioned in 1959.[1] Dan Martin later recalled:

The day he got on that boat, he never really got off again. I was born after that, long after he had already been following the boat across the country. When it finally came to rest in Quincy, he could finally settle down and start a family. But he still never got off the boat. It's... amazing that he even noticed my mother.

John David Martin, convinced that the ship would eventually return to Quincy, Massachusetts, moved his family to Braintree in preparation for its arrival. Unfortunately, many years passed before the ship was transferred from Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to Quincy, during which time Dan and his mother lived in Braintree, while John David Martin lived in Philadelphia in a hotel.


Upon graduation from Braintree High School, he spent a year at Framingham State University in Massachusetts before transferring to Boston University, majoring in Management Information Systems. "I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do," Martin later said, "I hadn't tasted blood yet."


Dan Martin placed on the Boston University Men's Soccer team in 2002, playing two seasons. Although he spent most of his time on the bench, he did play in the second to last game of the 2003 season (November 4th against Hartford), scoring a goal at minute 83.[2] In the process, however, he slipped a disc, and was no longer able to play; the team went on to lose 3-2 to Hartford.

After several months of physical therapy, Martin has eventually returned to physical activity. His resume lists him as an avid mountain biker and amateur soccer player[3]

Rumors of Suspension

In Junior year of college, Martin was allegedly nearly expelled from university, although accounts for the reasons differ.[citation needed] Peter Staunberg once said, "Yeah, I heard of that s***, the thing with the drugs," but other Boston University alumni have denied the allegation.[4]

Business Career

During Martin's last semester at Boston University, he was offered a position as a personal assistant to Erik Kemp, Director of Northeastern Sales for Searchlight Technologies.[5]

Early on, Martin met Peter Staunberg, who was working the mailroom at the time.[6] Peter Staunberg was working as a temp, and left after a few months; Dan Martin, however, was recommended to move into sales by Erik Kemp.

Erik Kemp served as Dan Martin's mentor as he shot up quickly through the ranks, moving from account manager, to sales manager, to Senior Technology Sales Consultant.[7]


Dan Martin has earned the following awards:

  • 2006 - Salesman of the Year
  • 2009 - Salesman of the Year
  • 2010 - Young Blood Award (technology)

Upon earning the Young Blood Award, Martin sent the Technology Sales Association (TSA) a thirty eight minute pre-recorded statement. Although the full statement was not played in full (most recipients were given a two to three minute response), the following reflection on his career was included in the final event:

The last few years have been a fucking roller coaster ride, and I've just been jetting at a thousand miles an hour, a hundred thousand feet in the air, like a shark that's gotta keep moving -- I hate that expression -- just a real thrill and a rush, a constant high, riding the waves, you know?

City Investigation

In early 2011, an friend of Dan Martin's, Carmela Martino, was investigated on charges that she had forged the signature of a city official in the course of selling a deal. Dan Martin testified in the course of the investigation, but his testimony was sealed by the city. [8]

Donaghy of the Day

Since January 16th, when Joshua Bloom posted a video of Jack Donaghy on Dan Martin's wall[9]:

Dan Martin has curated a Donaghy of the Day on his Facebook Wall:

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