Joshua Bloom

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Joshua Bloom
Joshua Bloom
Born January 28, 1986
Manchester, NH
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur
Formerly employed by NYC Department of Sanitation
Religion Atheist

Joshua Bloom is an entrepreneur and weaver of dreams.

Family Background and Early Life

Manchester, NH

Joshua Arthur Bloom was Born January 14th, 1987 at the Catholic Medical Center, in Manchester, NH. He attended and graduated from Manchester Memorial High School in 2006.

Family Background

Joshua's mother, Katherine May Parnell, was born on March 3rd, 1962 in South Hooksett, NH. Her father, Michael Parnell (1928-1982), a second generation immigrant from Ireland, was a carpenter. Her mother was, Molly Parnell (1939-1989), also a second generation Irish immigrant. After graduating High school, Katherine went to nursing school on a two year program and began working at the Catholic Medical Center, in Manchester, NH.

Katherine Parnell met Arthur Benjamin Bloom (1960 - ), a bookkeeper of British decent, while he was a patient at the Catholic Medical Center. Arthur Bloom worked as a Bookkeeper at Rockingham Park racetrack in Salem, NH. In 1986 Katherine Parnell married Arthur Bloom , and moved into the house on 53 Sargent Road, northeast of the Manchester Airport and due north of Pine Island Pond. A year later Joshua Arthur Bloom was born.

After Joshua's infancy, Katherine returned to working part-time at the Catholic Medical Center. Soon after Arthur Bloom mysteriously vanished. It is suspected that Arthur had been involved with illegal bets at the track, in addition to contracting a severe gambling problem himself. His current location is unknown is assumed to have left the state of New Hampshire. After Arthur's departure, Katherine continued to raise her son in the house on Sargent Road.

Fast Times at MMHS

While attending MMHS Joshua Bloom was suspended 5 times, for the following infractions: Recreation drug use on school property, posting illicit images as the background of every computer linked to the school's network, selling illicit substances on school property, organizing a movement to remove all school furniture to the football field, and activating the emergency fire alarm during a moment of silence commemorating the five year anniversary of September 11th.

In the wake of this fifth and final infringement Joshua Bloom was placed in the hands of a discipline committee potentially facing expulsion from the high school. Pleading neither guilty nor not-guilty, Joshua Bloom instead provided documented evidence that an administrator, sitting on the discipline committee, had been engaged sexually with several current and former students. There were no punitive results for Bloom's actions, and he graduated with his class in 2006. His escapades however did gain the attention of the local news. When questioned, Bloom was quick to reply:

Posting pictures of tranny midgets getting it on? That's broadening horizons. Having sex with a student? That's just plain wrong.


Marymount Manhattan College

Joshua Bloom graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with the class of 2009 with a BA in Political Science.

Upon graduating, Roberto Torres, a friend since childhood, convinced Bloom that they ought to both get jobs working for the state, thus securing a reliable source of income in a progressively worse economy. Joshua began as a sanitation worker for the NYC Department of Sanitation, which Roberto began working for the Department of Health. The two friends moved into an apartment in the east village


NYC Department of Sanitation

Joshua Bloom was employed by the city of New York as a Sanitation Worker from 2009-2011


Joshua Bloom currently works as an online merchant and superintendent for M&R Associates.