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The Project is Over. This is an archive of the Wiki at the completion of the project.


     Here Lies In Memoriam:
   A month long performance by Organs of State

To you, our audience...

In Memoriam explores the stories we inadvertently create as we record our lives
daily in the public spaces of the Internet. We canonize minutia -- tweets, posts,
tumbls -- and as these small memorials collect, they form an illusory landscape that
becomes the only ground upon which we feel comfortable standing. What's meant to
be small -- your dinner -- becomes big and definitive, but what should be big -- your
marriage proposal -- is miniaturized and easily confined to a status.


Think about this: You lose one of the characters from your life (not a major player,
more like the woman who works three cubicles down, or the guy you swapped
stories with on your junior-high bus route). This loss throws the clockwork
of daily memorialization into sharp relief by forcing the question: how do
I bear witness to loss in such an illusory landscape, and then: does that
landscape provide fertile enough soil on which to sow a worthy response?


The critical space that transmedia creates through the intersection of multiple modes
of storytelling -- social media, fictional prose, video, and live performance --
allows for direct engagement with these questions and affords us an opportunity to
have our digital lives burst into real space.


In Memoriam’s performance happens daily. As new content emerges online, you,
our audience, receive the next piece of the story while we, the performers, extend
its reach to meet you weekly through live theatrical events.

The Events

#1. Josh & Roberto's Joint Birthday Party:
Saturday, February 4th (9 PM - 2AM)
Josh & Roberto's: 417 E 12th Street #6B, Manhattan 10009
#2.: The Stoop Sale of Douglas Cojohnston
Saturday, February 11th (3 PM - Sundown)
155 S. 2nd Street, Brooklyn 11211
#3.Unfinished Good EnerTREE Documentary Screening
Thursday, February 16th (8:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
Two Moon Art House and Café
#4 Relax and Restore: a day of healing
Sunday, February 19th (4:00PM - 6:00PM)
Studio 5 in Brooklyn
#5. The Final Event - Rally for Elsie O'Connor
Friday, February 24th (8PM - 10PM)
208 Bowery
(Reprisal): Saturday, February 25th (3PM - 5PM)
(Reprisal): Saturday, February 25th (8PM - 10PM)

What's here?

  • List of Events - Find out when and where you can come see the story in person.
  • Latest News - A quick look at what's going on right now?
  • Character Portal - Meet the characters of the story, find out how you can follow them, and read their biographies. The more you follow, the deeper the story goes.
  • List of Stories - Read fan fiction about the lives of our characters, or even contribute your own!
  • Timeline of Events - See the full timeline of events in the story.

Latest News

2.12.12 - Wanda Pollock announces The Final Event
2.11.12 - The Stoop Sale of Douglas Cojohnston.
2.9.12 - First week results released from The Vote.
2.5.12 - Dan Martin posts a video response to Doug Cojohnston's statement.
2.5.12 - Doug Cojohnston releases an official video statement about Elsie O'Connor and Good ENERTREE.
2.5.12 - Jorobo Birth Fest 2012 ends unexpectedly after word of an accident involving Elsie O'Connor.

2.4.12 - BunchCrunchLunchMunch launched.
2.3.12 - Doug Thoughts #5 released.
2.2.12 - A glimpse of Jorobo Birthfest 2011 released.
2.2.12 - Jorobo Birth Fest preparations begin.
1.16.12 - Josh and Roberto officially announce JoRoBo Birth Fest 2012.
1.14.12 - Joshua and Roberto's birthday occurs, and Doug Thoughts #1 released.