Peter Staunberg

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Peter Staunberg
Peter Linden Staunberg
Born March 20 1986
Warwick, RI
Nationality American
Occupation Mail Clerk
The Bradley Lane Building
Religion Raised Catholic
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Peter Staunberg is an aspiring prominent twenty-first century novelist and poet.

Family Background and Early Life

Peter Linden Staunberg was born on March 20, 1986 at the esteemed Kent Hospital. He was born to Mary Linden (March 17, 1965 - February 3, 1990) and John Staunberg (April 14, 1962). Peter was raised at the family home in Warwick, RI. John Staunberg earned a living as pilot flying parcels for the United States Postal Service. He would often speak to Peter about his work with such profundity that the profession soon carried with it a honor and dignity which Peter maintains in his work today. Mary Linden was a prominent member at St. Kevin's Church in Warwick, RI. She died of lung cancer on February 3, 1990, when Peter was a four years old. David Staunberg, Peter's fraternal uncle, moved into the house to take care of Peter when John was flying. This created a disconnect during Peter's childhood and the two rarely speak to one another. Peter developed as a secluded child, more inclined to read or study alone than to play outside with children his own age. David Staunberg is a manager of a small mechanics shop in Warwick, Ri which services Police and Fire vehicles for the town. Peter remained in Warwick, RI until moving to New York City to study at Marymount Manhattan.


Elementary School

Peter attended elementary school at Pinetree Elementary, located in one of Rhode Islands fabulous thirty seven school districts. He was described in first grade by Ms. Mary Tidsmore as a gifted young boy, with little interest in girls. Peter became quite famous amongst the faculty for his accelerated reading ability. Throughout his time at Pinetree Elementary Peter excelled in all subjects. Ms. Tidsmore inspired by Peter's reading level began giving the boy history texts to read, due to his eagerness to learn more. She Ms. While reading a biography of J.F.K, Peter was inspired to start a campaign to rename the school after the assassinated president. In 1996, when Peter was 9 years old, the school was renamed John F. Kennedy. At the renaming ceremony Mayor Lincoln Chafee , current Governor of Rhode Island in a speech commending Peter's campaign remarked the world had been blessed with a soul with a noble heart.

Middle School

While attending Pinetree Middle School, Peter Staunberg continued to excel and was ostracized for this by his peers. Peter had few friends in middle school and which puberty did not help. Peter began to become aware of his sexual attraction to men at this time. Tortured by his catholic up bringing, Peter confessed his sexuality to his Uncle. Spurned by David Staunberg, his father sent him to a Christian sleep away camp in California the summer of his sixth grade year. While at this sleep away camp Peter received his first kiss from another young boy at camp, Alan Greensfeld. The two remained pen pals for many years. Alan was the inspiration for the character Tom in Peter's book Losing Christ, Finding Tom. Peter and Alan had a falling out when Alan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in January of 2002. Peter strongly disagreed with Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Sgt. Alan Greensfeld was killed a year later in Iraq in 2005 by an IED. "Losing Christ, Finding Tom" was published in 2006 and was a niche seller at best. It sold a mere sixty-five thousand copies nation wide. Although well reviewed, the novel never caught on with mainstream America.

High School

Peter Staunberg's time at Warwick High School were lonely. Peter became a recluse, but remained a committed pen pal. His letters to Alan became his space away from the world. Peter excelled in English, Mathematics, and History, but barely passed Physical Education. Peter was an awkward boy at best, and the growth spurt of seven and a half inches his freshmen year did little to aid his coordination. Peter nearly failed due to his refusal to attend swimming classes, which required the boys to shower in community showers after swimming in the pool. During the first class Peter had an uncomfortable spontaneous erection while swimming the backstroke. This began an onslaught of teasing from which Peter never truly recovered from until he made a concentrated effort to stay under the rader. His absence interest in women was accounted for by most to his devotion to the local parish, but many of the boys at the school attributed it to homosexuality. When Peter graduated salutatorian in 2004, Peter gave a speech on change in America and for the importance of tolerance. He received a standing ovation. Upon graduating Peter moved to New York City to attend Marymount Manhattan as a journalism major. The only other school Peter had applied to was Yale and was not accepted. He has told no one of this fact.

Marymount Manhattan

Peter Staunberg is an alumni of Marymount Manhattan. He graduated in the spring of 2008, with honors and a double bachelor's degrees in English and Creative Writing. Peter excelled in his academics but had little social life. During his junior year he roomed with Joshua Bloom and Roberto Torres. The three young men became good friends and remain in contact today. Peter and Joshua developed a pronounced interest in drinking and other experimentation. Peter began working has a mail clerk during this time in order to support his abundant taste for bars. Roberto and Peter did not develop as closely has friends, but remain comfortable around one another as long as Joshua is present.



Losing Christ, Finding Tom

His first novel "Losing Christ, Finding Tom" sold sixty-five thousand copies nationally and received good reviews by most. It was deemed a revealing love homosexual love story by most. The protagonist of the story, Henry, was an eight year old boy sent to a Christian camp for holding another boy's hand at school. The novel climaxes on the last night at camp when the boys are divided into pairs and told to go on a late night nature walk with one another to study bible verses in the moon light. The boys are encouraged to confess sins to one another and ask forgiveness before God in order to build trust in one another. During Henry's confession he reveals to Tom that he doesn't think that he will like girls when he's older. Tom confesses that he feels the same way. Henry becomes hysterical realizing that the two are bound for hell, when Tom wrestles him to the ground and kisses him on the mouth. Due to the low number of books sold, Peter received little from his first novel, but the encouragement to continue to better himself as a writer. Peter has not revealed his book to his friends.

The Second Novel

Peter has rumored on his twitter account that he is currently working on a second novel. Nothing is known about this new work, although Peter has recently displayed an interest in the both supernatural occurrences and particle physics.


Peter Staunberg's poems have not been released. Peter Staunberg once drunkenly admitted to Joshua Bloom that he was saving them for an anthology. Until this time no one was aware of the existence of his poetry. Joshua began to heckle Peter into reading his poetry and after plying him with a sufficient amount of alcohol, Peter divulged a selection of the more than one hundred poems he had written. The selection contained a selection of haikus and beat poetry which Peter had written while corresponding with Alan during his freshmen year at Warwick High School. Peter did not ask Joshua what he thought of the poetry and the two have not spoken of it. Peter revealed the following morning that he had blacked out after some time before he had consented to the reading.


Mail Clerk

Currently Mr. Staunberg olds the position of Mail Clerk at The Bradley Lane Building, 210 Water Street New York, Y 10038. He is responsible for posting all outgoing mail and delievering all incoming mail to the first twenty seven floors. He is described as diligent, efficient and "laid-back" on the job. Peter began working at the position part time February of 2007. He found that this work allowed him to plan out material for his creative writing and paid enough to sustain him in New York City. Peter his often seen, drinking tea out of a thermos and reading a book, on the R line as he commutes to and from work. He enjoys the long walks to the building from City Hall. He is a punctual employee, but not an impactful one. Few of his superiors remember his name, but none can say anything poor about him.